About Dr. Sanjiv Bhatia

My name is Sanjiv Bhatia. I am an entrepreneur, economist, investment banker, venture capitalist, author, and speaker. I work with governments and corporations on a wide range of environmental and economic issues. And I write and speak on policies related to economics, financial markets, and the environment. As I view the plight of the ordinary Indian, I have become convinced that the solution to many of India’s problems will come from Libertarian ideas of individual rights and responsibilities, free markets and limited government.The country’s biggest problem is the ever expanding reach and authority of the government, and the corruption that results from this power.The country is weighed down by excessive laws and regulations that are randomly enforced, almost always favoring those who can work the system.The injustice against the poor is pervasive, and little is ever done about it. The corruption and injustice are destroying the very fabric of this nation.My school teacher once told me: If you don’t write, nothing will change. So in these blogs, I will challenge the conventional wisdom that has prevented India from achieving its potential.I hope to convince my readers that the government is not the solution but the problem and that free market solutions offer the best hope for India to reach its growth potential and get millions out of poverty.


The only way to solve India’s waste management problems is by getting the government and local municipalities out of the waste management business and creating incentives for private companies to bring in […]

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