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My name is Sanjiv Bhatia.

I am a financial economist, investment banker, hedge fund manager, environmentalist, author, and speaker.

I work with governments and corporations on a wide range of environmental and economic issues. I write and speak on policies related to economics, financial markets, and the environment.

As Head of Global Investment Strategy for Salomon Smith Barney, my job was to analyze and write a quarterly commentary paper on the economies and financial markets of over 80 countries. I examined why some nations were wealthier and provided a better standard of living for their citizens than others. This research led me to the inexorable truth that countries with strong institutions, free market economies, fewer regulations, and limited and effective governments were significantly more prosperous than countries with big overreaching governments and large bureaucracies. My work led me further into an in-depth study of the principles of personal liberty, equality, rights and responsibilities, free exchange, limited government–ideas that form the bedrock of Libertarian principles.

As I view the plight of the ordinary Indian, I have become convinced that the solution to many of India’s problems will come from Libertarian ideas of individual rights and responsibilities, free markets and limited government.

The predominant source for many of the country’s problems is the ever expanding reach and authority of the government, the abuse of power and corruption that results from big government, and the dependence it creates.

This country is weighed down by excessive laws and regulations that are randomly enforced, almost always favoring those who can work the system. The injustice against the poor is pervasive, and little is ever done about it. Worse still is the injustice against taxpayers who form a very small minority in the country. They have very little control over how much of their income is taken by the government in taxes and even lesser control on how it is spent.

This corruption and injustice are destroying the fabric of this nation.

My school teacher once told me: If you don’t write, nothing will change. So in these blogs, I will challenge the conventional wisdom that has prevented India from achieving its potential.

I hope to convince readers that time-tested libertarian principles of limited government, free market, and individual rights and responsibilities offer the best hope for millions of Indians who suffer from poverty and injustice. It is my hope that these posts will generate a healthy discussion so together we can formulate and promote implementable policies to Make India Great